For the Week of June 20th, 2021

“For if you return to the Lord, your brothers and your children will find compassion with their captors and return to this land. For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him.

[2 Chronicles 30:9]


  • COVID in Taiwan. With the recent outbreak, the number of confirmed cases has continued to rise. Pray for God’s grace to ensure a sufficient vaccine supply, smooth delivery, and an end to the outbreak. Pray that the Lord upholds the safety of frontline medical staff, and that Christians in Taiwan strengthen in their faith and testimonies for the Lord.


  • W Mission and Values. Pray for clarity, unity, and excitement as we pursue God’s best for the future.


  • Pastor Estella. Our beloved Ps. Estella went to be with the Lord on June 15th. Ask the Lord to comfort her husband Pastor Emmo, her daughter Hannah and son-in-law Pastor Nathan Wang, her daughter Phoebe and son-in-law Linton, and the rest of the family. Ps. Estella’s ministry has helped cultivate countless brothers and sisters, blessed countless families, and changed countless lives. We thank and praise the Lord for her life of honoring God and helping others. May she rest in peace! 


  • Brothers and sisters suffering from depression caused by pressure and negativity brought on by COVID. May God Himself be their guide, and His word: good medicine for their souls. Pray for wisdom and patience each family needs to accompany and care for them.


  • Brothers and sisters who have lost their jobs or have been forced to take unpaid leave. In the process of looking for work and waiting for God, ask the Lord to keep their hearts, lead the way forward, and grant enough grace every day.


  • Those employed in human resources. We thank God for their people-oriented work. Pray that the Lord grants them wisdom and grace as they interact with others. May the Lord add to their joy and help them exercise their believer priesthood—representing Jesus well in the workplace.


  • Family W in Liberty. Pray for their exit visa to arrive on time before their departure to return to the US. They’ve been waiting and what has been promised by officials has not been guaranteed. Pray for a recent transportation issue to be resolved and ongoing relational building with the locals.


  • Family M in Eastern Asia. Praise God for a good response to their marriage/parenting course last month (family month at their local gathering), and a good response for recent counseling/visitation follow ups. L will officiate his older brother’s sea burial memorial service this week in his hometown. His brother passed last year. Pray for healing as the family mourn and grief their loss and to be comfort and touched by His grace. Pray also for their overall physical health and strength for long counseling sessions.


  • Brother J in East Asia. Pray for discernment and wisdom on where to serve overseas. A decision needs to be made at the end of summer. Pray for his parents as his dad has been going through difficult health issues. Pray for opportunities to share Christ with the refugee family he’s ministering to in Houston.


  • Thomas Tao’s Seamen ministry. Pray for the salvation of two Sri Lankan able seamen Kumara Jayasinghe and Diome Bern Inot on the ship Mandarin Phoenix. Pray for the salvation of the 2nd./off. Keu Khung on the ship Chipolbrok Pacific. Pray for the salvation of the c/off. Xueyang Lee on the ship King Rice.


  • The Brooks Family in Thailand. COVID cases and deaths are rising in Thailand. Vaccines are in short supply. Pray for their safety and health. Praise the Lord that God has been providing opportunities for them. Pray God continues to lead them and open doors for online discipleship training and the shepherding ministry. Pray for their collaboration with Pastor Pairot from Middle Thailand in the ministry of discipleship and multiplication of churches.


  • Joseph & Maria in Central Asia. Praise the Lord that Joseph got approval from the University Vice President to start a data management class (for a future medical management program) in the fall. Pray that Joseph can get help from others to form a team of teachers. Praise the Lord that the new multi-function Youth House is complete. Pray for good programs/teachers and unity in ideas to make the best use of the space. Pray that they can identify students who are open to deeper relationship-building. Pray for their safety, security, and peacemaking in the neighborhood. Pray for God’s grace and mercy in their Russian language education.


  • Parents. During the summer season, ask the Lord to give parents enough physical strength, wisdom, and ability to help their children at home with their daily lives and spiritual growth.


  • Summer Sunday teachers and students. Pray for continued joy and wisdom for our summer teachers. Pray the kids have a desire to learn about God, and will know and experience Jesus’ love for them.


  • Camp Counselors. Praise God for all who have signed up to serve as camp counselors! Pray that the camp trainings are helpful in preparation for the leaders. Ask God to use them powerfully in reaching the hearts of youth at camp.


  • Special thanks to the new or upcoming team leaders, deputy team leaders, and co-workers of the Singles Fellowship, M&M Fellowship! Pray the Lord pours out His Holy Spirit on them more abundantly. Pray He gives them the will and strength to grow, influencing in the younger generation, learning to feed the Lord’s lambs, and internalizing discipleship and evangelism as a testimony to Jesus.


  • The more-than fifty co-workers who participated in the Alpha Summer co-worker team training. Pray for the Lord to increase their strength and the will to spread the Gospel. Pray they learn to rely on the Holy Spirit, support each other, listen and watch in team building and training, and cultivate a heart that loves and prays for new friends.


  • Services in the Chapel. We thank God for our first time back to in-person service in the Chapel this past Sunday; that in-person and digital services were smooth. We thank the brothers and sisters for their time and efforts in learning how to operate new equipment. Pray that more colleagues can be trained to join the A/V team. Pray that the worship and service teams can manage logistics during this transition period.


  • “The Way of Life” Course. We thank God for the many brothers and sisters who participated in the virtual course during the pandemic. We are finishing our study on the book of James. Ask the Lord to use what we have learned, that brothers and sisters not only practice what they have learned, but also have a love of studying God’s Word.


  • Praise God for every careworker helping our recipients. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless their care via telephone, and give them wisdom in decision-making for returning to face-to-face care at the appropriate time.


  • Careworkers and Co-workers. Our team continues to work online at this time during the pandemic. Pray the Holy Spirit strengthens our careworkers and co-workers so that the entire team would be encouraged.


  • Ps. Paul See, Ps. Leo Huang, Min. Andy Lee. Pray the Holy Spirit anoints them and protects their bodies, minds, and spirits in preparation for next Sunday’s messages.


  • Vietnamese Alliance Church and its pastor. Pray for their disciple-making and ministry growth. Pray for continuing partnerships to reach surrounding communities with the Gospel.


  • Tallowood Chinese Baptist Church and its pastor, Ps. Jason Lee. May the Lord use them to reach nonbelievers and build up strong disciples.

We would love to pray for you!

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