For the Week of September 20th, 2020

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,
[Psalm 17:8]


  • Police Ambush. Pray for quick recovery over the police officers injured in a murder attempt in LA. Pray that the Lord defeats the forces of evil that threaten to sow chaos in our society. Pray for protection over all our peace officers, who risk their lives to keep us safe.


  • Western Wildfires. Pray for mercy for those who have lost homes and livelihoods in the wildfires sweeping the West Coast, including CA, OR, and WA. Pray for protection for our firefighters who continue to courageously battle the fires.


  • Medical Professionals and COVID-19. Continue praying for our doctors and healthcare workers on the frontlines. Pray that people continue to have patience and respect for those in authority positions. Pray that we continue to seek Him and that He teaches us how to “number our days” with or without the virus, so “that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” [Ps. 90:12].


  • US-China Tensions. Continue praying for wisdom and mercy for leaders of both countries to humble themselves to serve the good of the people so “they may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” [1 Timothy 2:2]


  • Pray that the Lord gives W a vision, a direction, and an overflow of His love as we, a church body, seek to be a blessing to our immediate neighbors.


  • Continue to pray for Ezra, the youngest son of Victor and Michelle. Pray for God to help Ezra be willing to cooperate with the intensive rehabilitation at home to achieve full recovery. Pray that Victor and Michelle have wisdom and patience. Pray for protection over the health of every family member, the nanny, and teacher who assist in-house.


  • Brothers and sisters recently furloughed or laid off. Pray for them. May the Lord guard their hearts, guide their paths, and give them grace as they wait on Him in their job search.


  • Those employed in beauty and salon industries. This profession allows plenty of time for personal interaction with clients; we pray for the Lord to equip them to reflect His love in the workplace. May the Lord provide them with much joy and many blessings as they exercise their believer priesthood every day, and see spiritual fruit for Jesus.


  • Thomas Tao’s ministry. Pray that Mr. How, a 2nd Officer can report to the ship soon after staying at home for eight months.


  • Daniel Du in Canada. He will be transitioning from a WHCC Tier 1 Global Partner to Seminarian status. Daniel has completed quarantine and started school this past Wednesday. Pray for peace and discernment as he stewards new opportunities and relationships, while seeking God’s will.


  • Jackie Chen with CEF in Taiwan (one time support). Praise the Lord they began the summer with a short trip to Tainan to help teenagers in outdoor evangelism as well as visiting churches and schools to preach the Gospel to 223 kids. Pray that he humbly confesses his sin of not following instructions set by the local director, and asking the LORD to help him mend their relationship.


  • Putao and Kat in Taiwan. Praise the Lord for continued relationship building in Meishan. Continue to pray for these relationships. Pray for Kat’s pregnancy and Putao’s upcoming MRI for his vision. Pray for wisdom as they plan during their busy schedules and the new school year.


  • “Wholeheartedly for my family.” Pray for this Fall 2020 Blessed Family Course. Pray that the Lord gives Pastor Lin, Pastor Xu, and all his colleagues the wisdom to teach online, so that every student learns from the Bible and real examples on how to communicate with and have relationship with their families, as well as strengthening the husband-wife and parent-child relationships.


  • Children’s Sunday School Teachers [Summer & Fall 2020]. Praise God for a great start to our Fall Sunday school! We thank God for our children’s involvement and parents’ cooperation. Pray for our fall quarter teachers as they begin a new quarter with many challenges of teaching online. May God’s Word and the Holy Spirit inspire our teachers and help them build good relationships with students, as our teachers disciple them with heavenly wisdom and power.


  • New School Year. Pray for the safety of students who attend in-person classes. Pray that God protects each one of our students’ safety and health. Pray that God guards our students’ hearts and gives them the desire to learn more of His truth through Sunday school. May God teach the students His way, draw them close to Him to follow Him every day.


  • D-Group Ministry. Praise God for this new school year of youth ministry! Pray that many of our youth will participate online and be intentional in fellowship. Pray for the new curriculum, going through the book of Jonah and Old Testament Messianic Prophecies, that the youth would deeply dive into God’s word.


  • New Season of Sunday school. School has begun. Pray that God continues to help the elders learn how to use the Internet to smoothly participate in prayer meetings, Sunday school, and fellowships.


  • Start of our new small group season. Pray for us as we begin this coming week. Pray for all preparations, smooth internet over Zoom, and united hearts to build one another up in Christ.


  • Alpha Small Groups. These groups just launched. Pray that God uses this platform to build friendships, especially among the young people. Pray that discussions on faith opens our friends to the Gospel, and that they are touched by God’s love. Pray that our coworkers are enriched and empowered by the Holy Spirit, whereby the Alpha experience becomes a channel through which we experience life transformation during the next three to four months. Pray that God uses Alpha and other forms of outreach to make fellowships and small groups more active, lead people to the Lord, and grow.


  • 2020/2021 Small Groups. Small groups are resuming this month and are online. Pray that God prepares the hearts of each leader and team member to take the initiative in inviting new members to join. Ask God to lead the groups to work together as a team, while learning to care for one another, encourage each other in fellowship, and grow together in the Lord as they meet online during this pandemic.


  • “Word of Life Bible Study” Online Course. Our course begins on SEPT 15. This semester will have 12 weeks of study in Genesis. We hope more brothers and sisters can participate. Pray that God uses this course to encourage brothers and sisters to: “Love the Bible, Love reading the Bible!”


  • After much discussion, it has been decided that training which was put on-hold due to COVID-19, will commence and continue into early 2021. Pray that the Lord gives our students patience, and although they have not been able to provide in-person care, that they can use adopted skills for regular, ongoing care.


  • Praise God for our loyal caregivers, still providing care via phone. Pray for the Lord to add to them strength and wisdom. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guide in their individual supervisory team, so they can receive encouragement and support.


  • Our teachers, students, co-workers and their families. Pray that our teachers and co-workers help students concentrate in class and do their homework, to keep this semester’s online classes continue smoothly.


  • Ps. I-Ming Huang, Ps. Ruth Wu, Ps. Edward Lee. Pray the Holy Spirit anoints them and protects their bodies, minds, and spirits in preparation for next Sunday’s messages.


  • Vietnamese Alliance Church and its pastor. Pray for their disciple-making and ministry growth. Pray for continuing partnerships to reach surrounding communities with the Gospel.


  • Evangelical Formosan Church and its pastor, Ps. Andrew Gackle, may the Lord use them to reach many unreached and build up strong disciples.

We would love to pray for you!

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