Pathways is our adult Sunday School class for the Meta English congregation.

Current Series

How should Christians think about civic and political engagement?

In an increasingly polarized and toxic political environment, as believers we need to think Biblically about our participation in the political arena. This class will help us to do that. We will not advocate for any particular candidate or political party’s agenda, and it certainly will not tell you who to vote for. It will, however, give you the Biblical framework to help you think through the critical issues of the day within the framework of a Biblical worldview and be swayed not by particular partisan passions, but by fidelity to the Word of God.

Class Schedule & Recordings

Links to the recordings will be added after the class occurs.

9/13: Politics in light of Creation, Fall, and Redemption Video | Audio

9/20: The Power of the Sword: The need for and role of human government in a broken world Video | Audio |  Outline

9/27: Kingship, Theocracy, and the Church: The role of the Mosaic Law and Israel’s monarchy in God’s plan Video | Audio | Outline

10/4: Citizens of the Kingdom of God: The church’s relationship with the state Video | Audio | Outline

10/11: The Common Defense: How should Christians approach policing, criminal justice, and war Video | Audio | Outline

10/18: Identity politics and intersectionality: How should Christians view race, gender, and sexuality Video | Audio | Outline

10/25: Life and Death: How should Christians view gun rights, abortion, and the death penalty? Video | Audio | Outline

11/1: Justice and Mercy: How should Christians approach economic policy?

11/8: Creation Care and Human Need: How should Christians look at environmental issues?

11/15: The American Right: A Biblical Critique

11/22: The American Left: A Biblical Critique


Managing Our Finances God's Way (Jun 2020 - Aug 2020)

The way we manage our money—often referred to as Christian stewardship—is another spiritual discipline, like prayer and studying God’s Word. The Bible contains more than 2,000 verses about money, and about half of Jesus’ parables center around possessions. This 12-week series focuses on how to be more faithful in handling the money God entrusts to us, including many practical tips to manage God’s money. Given the current COVID-19 environment makes these lessons even more important as so much financial uncertainty exists and personal budgets are stressed.

The objectives of this Sunday School quarter’s module are to: 1) educate and inform about Biblical principles regarding financial stewardship; 2) encourage the church as a body of Christ to develop a culture of generous giving; 3) encourage each member to personally be more holistic in giving of their time, talent and treasures to God’s service in various local and global opportunities; and 4) challenge us to be more generous and target giving to financially support missions—at WHCC or other organizations.

Find all resources and recordings from this class in this Google folder.

Hebrews (Sep 2019 - May 2020)

Find all available class recordings and resources in this Google folder. Please note that not all classes were recorded.