October is Clergy Appreciation Month!

We are so blessed by the spiritual shepherding and diligent work of our pastors, ministers, and support staff year round at W. October is Clergy & Staff Appreciation month, and it is the perfect time to return the love and care!

Find the prayer requests below for our W team. Send them a message of encouragement letting them know how meaningful they are and how much you appreciate them. And most importantly, remember to pray for them each day.


Pastor David Hsu

  1. Praise for all the wonderful years we had serving at W.
  2. Love for God & people, the Lord’s leading, & growing prayer life.
  3. Vision clarity, time management, regular renewal thru abiding in Christ
  4. Loving Cheryl & serving together, health & peace for Mom & families.
  5. Nathan & Hannah’s walk, health, ministries & future, good communication
  6. Deeper friendships, making seeker friends, good relation w/co-workers
  7. Keep growing in leadership & discipleship, complete DMin dissertation work.
Prayer Requests

Pastor Andrew Bywaters

  1. Pray for the continued discipleship of our family – especially that AnaLiza’s faith would continue to grow and mature.
  2. Pray for Angela’s continued job security.
  3. Pray that I would have more opportunities to connect with the broader Meta community.
  4. Pray that I would have a manageable workload as I continue my studies.
Prayer Requests

Pastor I-Ming Huang

  1. Giving thanks for the ministry in W, especially during the pandemic.
  2. Pray for the health of the whole family, especially for my mother & mother-in-law.
  3. My daughter Grace’s college life: Pray for God’s wisdom and direction about where to invest my time in school, ministries, and people.
  4. Sebastien & Christina’s new life in New York, Jeremy’s health and job searching, Souane & I can keep serving together.
  5. Continue to make progress in preaching & teaching in order to transform the next generation.
Prayer Requests

Pastor Paul See

  1. Cantonese congregation has started in-person Sunday Service and Sunday school. Thank God for raising up a new audio/video team to commit serving weekly, otherwise it will not be possible
  2. Counseling needs in CCHC Counseling Center has drastically increased due to the Pandemic. Pray that our Lord will grant Mrs. See good health, strength and wisdom to continue her service in the center.
  3. Thank God, my grand-daughter Iva’s white blood count has slightly increased. Continue to pray for Lord’s healing. Also thank God for providing my son Kenneth a part-time job.
  4. My daughter Candice is hindered from taking her son Eli to start schooling, due to the Delta virus breakthrough.  May our Lord grant her wisdom to make decision.
Prayer Requests
Ruth Wu

Pastor Ruth Wu

  1. Thank God for still providing and guiding all ministries running during the epidemic, whether it is small groups, fellowships, Sunday worship in person and livestreaming. Also very thankful for the brothers and sisters who are willing to serve as co-workers.  As we have returned to church  worship in person and livestream, it requires more co-workers.  Pray that the Lord will raise up more brothers and sisters who are willing to learn and serve together.
  2. During the epidemic, there are many adjustments and challenges in ministry and life. Pray for God to give me a peace of mind, to rely on Him in my daily life, and to give me wisdom on how to balance and gain physical, mental, and spiritual health in the Lord.
  3. Pray for my three daughters: Lydia and son-in-law (Dan Chung), Esther and son-in-law (Josh Ling), ask the Lord to build their family and learn to love and grow together in Christ.  Also pray for my youngest daughter, Grace’s work and life in Los Angeles, pray that the Lord will protect her as she is all by herself there, and she will have good relationship with God even in her busy life of work.
Prayer Requests

Pastor Leo Huang

  1. That God will grow Amanda’s and my Kingdom mindset. Pray that He will equip us with the courage to take risks, and for opportunities to outreach and plant new communities.
  2. For both of us to be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit, to more deeply understand His work, to rely on His supernatural power and presence, and to teach others to pursue Him as well.
    For wisdom and perseverance in our homeschooling efforts, and as we guide the boys in knowing God. Pray especially for extra grace for Amanda, who has a bigger share of the burden of homeschooling.
  3. For Amanda and me to love, support, and care for each other well, as we walk together as husband and wife.
  4. For me to have a fatherly heart and coach-like wisdom, leading great efforts for discipleship that are reproducing and can be passed on for generations to come.
Prayer Requests

Pastor Nathan Wang

  1. For a servant’s heart to love and serve Hannah more this year and for God’s grace to strengthen our marriage as we celebrate 11 years of marriage.
  2. For wisdom and joyful perseverance in raising and teaching Adah and Micah to be children after God’s heart.
  3. For vulnerability and empathy as I develop deeper relationships in the community.
  4. For wisdom and a greater dependency on Christ as I serve the church with the gifts God has given me.
  5. For patience and humility as I plan and prepare to execute and implement the 5-year vision God has given us to reconnect with God, with each other, and to connect the lost to Christ.
  6. For opportunities to disciple and build up leaders who desire to see the gospel go out into the world.
Prayer Requests

Minister Kai Chen

  1. Pray for my marriage. Pray that Michelle and I would have unity in our marriage, especially when making difficult decisions regarding Millie. Pray for patience and gentleness when communicating, rather than being quick to rebuke.
  2. Pray for our parenting. Would God grant us wisdom to know how to love and lead our toddler. Pray for God’s protection over Millie’s physical health and growth, as well as her spiritual development.
  3. Pray for wisdom, direction, and creativity to minister to the youth, parents, and leaders within the youth ministry.
  4. Pray for my brother and his family as they are serving families living in the jungle community in Peru. Pray especially for my niece and nephew to grow in genuine love for Jesus.
Prayer Requests

Minister Andy Lee

  1. Pray for my relationship with the Lord, for more time journaling and reflection and soul care.
  2. Pray for my relationship with Christine, that I would be able to serve her well and care for her as she continues to teach our kids Evan and Ari at home.
  3. Pray for my transition into overseeing the Associate English ministries, including small groups and young adults.
  4. Pray for my disciplines, as I aspire (as I do every year!) to set aside time to stay fit both mentally (by reading more) and physically (by exercising).
Prayer Requests

Minister Xuezhi Liao

  1. Thank God for the pandemic year of serving at W.
  2. Pray that I would be drawn near to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to guard me and give me a clear vision. Pray for protection so I can honor God by serving brothers and sisters with humility as a Chinese minister.
  3. Pray for my wife and me to continue to grow deeply in our marriage. Cherish and enjoy our time together and make our marriage honor God and benefit others.
  4. Pray for our daughter Esther. She is working as a software engineer and she would rely on God for her job. Pray for our son Daniel. He graduated from college and started his career. May the Lord give him wisdom so that he can manage his time well and continue to grow in the Lord. May the Lord inspire our children to have a serving heart to pursue our Lord and become salt and light to their communities.
Prayer Requests

Minister Michael Hsu

  1. Praise the Lord for providing me the opportunity to learn, practice, and serve as a minister at W.
  2. Pray that God gives me a discerning, perceptive, teachable, and obedient heart to serve God and people according to His will.
  3. I am thankful that my wife and I can serve God, other people, and each other with one heart. We pray that the Holy Spirit keeps guarding our hearts and our every move. Pray that whatever we do may glorify our God.
  4. I am thankful for my mom’s health. Pray for God’s leading and protection over her.
  5. Praise the Lord for our two sons, two daughters-in-law, and our granddaughter. I am thankful for their marriages and pray that they will keep growing spiritually.
  6. Please pray for my spiritual growth through devotions and prayers as well as spiritual perception from God so I can be keen on people’s needs.
Prayer Requests

Office Team

Prayer requests will be shared soon!

Prayer Requests
Million Dollar Core Tech Team

Tech Team

  1. First and foremost, pray that our love for God would continue to grow and that we would be shaped more into the image of Jesus Christ.
  2. Pray that we will continually invest in our personal relationships with God and the spiritual community, as it can be easy to get lost in the busyness and technical aspects of our roles.
  3. Pray for the Spirit to give us wisdom and discernment in how to use technology to glorify God and advance His kingdom.
  4. Pray that God would show us how to use technology to serve every ministry and congregation at WHCC well.
  5. Pray for wisdom in how to train up co-workers to use technology to serve the body of Christ.
Prayer Requests

Children’s Ministry Team

  1. Pray that God would give us greater zeal for Him, zeal for His Word and zeal for the discipleship of the next generation.
  2. Pray for God’s protection and grace over our marriages and families.
  3. Pray that God would give the Children’s Ministry team His wisdom to lead and serve the WKids families and co-workers well.
  4. Pray for God to give us insight and discernment as we invite new leaders and new teachers into the ministry.
  5. Pray for God to help us build and develop a strong core team for both early childhood and elementary ages.
  6. Pray for the Lord to bring the right candidate to be the Children’s Ministry Director.
  7. Pray for God’s wisdom, discernment and creativity as our team partners with families to help children adjust to the intergenerational service, while encouraging parents to model worship.
Prayer Requests

Facility Team

  1. We thank the Lord for helping us complete many church renovation projects despite our human resource limitations throughout the pandemic. Pray for God to continue to provide us with wisdom and perspective to recognize His presence in our daily work.
  2. Pray for God to continue to protect us during the pandemic, so that we can faithfully serve Him. Pray that He will keep us and our family members healthy and strong in our body, mind, and spirit.
Prayer Requests
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