My Personal Testimony
Executive Minister Nathan Wang


By God’s grace, Nathan Wang grew up in a Christian home and was baptized as an infant at Chinese Lutheran Church in Houston, TX. Throughout his childhood, he was blessed by his parents and Sunday school teachers who taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ so that when he turned 13, he proclaimed his faith in Christ. While he believed Christ had saved him from his sins on the cross, it would be during college that Nathan completely surrendered his life over to Christ. Through the Christian communities and ministries at Texas A&M, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and College Station Chinese Bible Church (previously College Station Chinese Church), Nathan grew in his faith and received God’s leading into vocational ministry. However, because of his parents’ strong desire for Nathan to pursue a career in the medical field and his short-term mission experiences in Manila and Kolkata, he decided to pursue graduate studies in Public Health back in Houston as a step towards potentially serving in the mission field while persevering the Lord’s call with his parents. While in Houston, he began to serve at the church he grew up in, teaching Sunday School, leading worship and small groups, and preaching when called upon. After graduating with a Master’s in Public Health in 2008, Nathan began Phase Two of his plan to go to the mission field to be theologically equipped. He enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary in Houston while working at the Houston Health Department as an infectious disease epidemiologist. By God’s grace, Nathan’s parents witnessed his continual pursuit towards answering the Lord’s call to ministry in that by the time he graduated with his ThM in 2014, his parents were not only accepting of Nathan’s call but encouraging, saying “We’re proud of you!”

Since coming to W in 2012 as an intern, Nathan has felt the Lord’s presence here in a way that has not only grown his faith but also his heart for the local church. He is incredibly blessed by the many opportunities W has allowed him, to grow and serve with his gifts of administration and teaching (as a small group leader, Meta Pathways teacher and deacon, a pastoral resident, and now an executive minister). Nathan considers it an honor and privilege to serve with such a faithful (and fun!) staff and leadership team.

Under the recommendation by our Senior Pastor and ordination council, the church council joyfully recommends Minister Nathan to our membership to be ordained as pastor. He is incredibly blessed in his marriage to Hannah. They have two lovely young children, Adah and Micah.



感謝神的恩典,王凱磊傳道從小在基督徒家庭長大,出生後就在休士頓的西南國語教會領受嬰兒洗禮。孩童時期,因著父母信仰的熏陶和主日學老師的教導,他對主耶穌的認識越來越深,於13歲決志信主。之後雖然相信主的十架救恩將他從罪裡救贖出來,但直到大學他才將生命完全奉獻給基督耶穌。透過德州農工大學(Texas A&M)、校園基督徒團契(InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)、大學城華人聖經教會(原大學城華人教會:)的基督社團及各項事工,王傳道的屬靈生命得以造就,都塑造了他對服事與呼召的認識,渴慕進入全職事奉。然而父母非常期望他進入醫學業的職場工作,以及他曾在菲律賓首都馬尼拉和印度加爾各答的短宣經歷的影響,王傳道決定返回休士頓繼續攻讀公共衛生專業的碩士學位,體貼父母意願的同時,也堅持回應神的呼召,預備向牧養服事邁出第一步。在休士頓求學期間,他回到從小長大的教會,擔任主日學老師、帶領敬拜和小組、並應邀學習講道。2008年公共衛生碩士畢業後,他開始第二步的計劃,尋求神學上的裝備。他一方面在休士頓衛生部從事傳染病流行病理學的工作,一方面同時就讀於達拉斯神學院。因著神的恩典,王傳道的父母見證了他回應神呼召所作的不懈努力,在他2014年獲得道學碩士學位時,不僅轉而支持他全職事奉的意願,更是鼓勵他說:“我們以你為驕傲!”




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