Our new membership database for WHCC called TouchPoint is now live! If you already have an account, you can access it by clicking the button on below. If you have not created an account, click on the button below, click on Request password, and enter your email address to receive your user name.


WHCC Touchpoint

WHCC TouchPoint is our new church management system that helps to manage our membership and donor records, check in children faster, and makes registering for events a breeze. By creating a MyData account, you will be able to maintain your individual and family records with our church as well as view your own contribution statements whenever you want. Of course, if you prefer, you can still update your information through the office.

Data Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of your data are of utmost importance. While TouchPoint provides the software, we own and maintain the data. In addition, users are granted different levels of permissions to view information on a need-to-know basis.

Electronic Check-In System

By entering just your phone number, you will be able to easily check in your children on Sunday mornings as well as print name and security labels. We plan to test the system in August 2016 so please bear with us as aim to simplify the check-in process.

Online Registrations

Tired of having to enter your information for numerous Google Forms or having to keep track of updating multiple spreadsheets for events? TouchPoint makes event registration easier for registrants and organizers to send reminder emails, pay registration fees, and stay connected.

Contribution Management

WHCC TouchPoint makes it easier to manage your tithes & offerings to WHCC. Whether you give online or by cash or check, you will be able to log in, manage your giving, and view or print your own contribution statements.

Communication Tools

WHCC TouchPoint makes it easy to send custom emails to our members, small group members, and visitors. Also, TouchPoint gives us the ability to text notifications on whether small group is cancelled because of inclement weather or because your child is calling for you in the nursery.


What is TouchPoint?

TouchPoint  is a Church Management Software (ChMS) that combines multiple separate databases into one solution:

  1. Offering and Pledge Management database;
  2. Membership database;
  3. Online Giving;
  4. Google Forms, MS Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  5. E-mail newsletters (e.g. MailChimp)
  6. Event Registration and Payments
Why Use TouchPoint?

Maintaining member data on separate systems results in

  • Outdated and/or mis-matched information;
  • Loss of money on returned mail;
  • Missed opportunities to engage members;
  • Redundancy in data entry;
  • Limitation on data accessibility
How do I know my personal data will be secure?
We care about data security and so does TouchPoint (their privacy statement can be found here). The reason we switched to TouchPoint was because we were struggling to maintain different databases for different ministries and purposes, resulting in mismatched, incorrect, or lost contact information. In addition, personal information was often recorded with pen and paper which has minimal security and privacy. By switching to TouchPoint, we are able to grant specific users different levels of permissions to view personal information on a need-to-know basis which increases our security and privacy over people’s personal information as well as give over the power to manage and maintain one’s personal information back to the members so that each person can determine how much information you’d like to give to the church. This is an effort to increase our transparency and accountability to our members.
Why am I getting emails from [email protected]? Is it spam?
On some occasions, you may receive an email that has the name of a ministry leader by the sending email address is “[email protected]”. Please be assured that this is not spam but an actual email that was sent by our ministry leaders through our TouchPoint database. This unique situation only arises when the email sender’s primary email is a Yahoo email address. While the majority of emails will not have this issue, i.e. you will receive an email from the lay leader and their primary email address, there may be a few times when the sending email address is listed as [email protected] Rest assured, that if you were to Reply to the email, you will emailing the leader’s correct email address, most likely a Yahoo email account.
How Secure is TouchPoint?
Data Storage – Data is hosted on Rackspace.com on a private managed cloud.
Secure Sockets Layer – There is a wildcard SSL certificate which secures all traffic between our web server and your browser.

Backups – Backups are done daily with redundant copies stored at an alternate location.For more information, please visit: http://docs.touchpointsoftware.com/Administration/DataSecurity.html

What are the different user roles and privileges?

Users in TouchPoint have different roles and privileges. This ranges from

  • a MyData account for a normal member of your church who can only see their own family and edit some basic information
  • to a Lay Leader who is able to access only the people he or she leads
  • to a Pastoral Staff who can see everybody’s record
  • to a Ministry Coordinator who can edit and add new records
  • to an Administrator who can add users, roles, control settings, and do mass updates
  • to a Finance person who can manage and enter all contribution data
Why should I create an account?

Allowing members to create their own account and update their contact information creates a single source of information. This allows:

  • Pastoral staff to have updated contact information for follow-up;
  • Office staff to have the most up-to-date information for mass mailings and communication, thus saving money on returned mail;
  • Ministry leaders to be able to manage volunteers;
  • Members to avoid entering their info multiple times for different ministries, manage their giving to WHCC, and choose to receive electronic giving statements.
How Do I Create An Account?
  1. Go to WHCC’s TouchPoint database located at: https://whcchome.tpsdb.com
  2. Click on “Request Password”
  3. Enter your email address and click “Request password”
  4. You should get an email with a link to create your account. If you have any issues, contact [email protected]
Can I give to WHCC through TouchPoint?

Yes! After you’ve set up your TouchPoint account, please go to whcchome.org/give for more information.