Join us this summer as we seek different ways over eight weeks as small groups to heal and renew our city right in our own neighborhoods, by blessing our neighbors with the love of Christ.

Dear Meta,

As you know, this summer, we have engaged in several projects, including (1) Chalk Art, (2) Praying for our neighbors by name, and (3) Prayer-walking, all with the goal of bringing the deep love and blessing of Christ to our neighborhoods and to our neighbors. You can see the details for these first three projects on the right.

Part of the hope was that by doing these projects was that the Lord would also use the process to both soften our hearts as well as to raise our awareness to the needs of our neighbors.

This week, we begin our final project, where the goal is to at least meet one neighbor … especially one that you have not met yet, or one that you do not know very well.

By knocking on their door and just introducing yourself and saying hello, and to see how they are doing (and of course, all the while, remembering to maintain social distancing).

We know this is not easy, but it is a great and Christ honoring thing. And If you have trouble starting conversation, we have a couple of examples on our website under our Community Engagement Page to get you started.

But the goal is to just say that you and your church, have been thinking about your neighborhood, and that we hope that they have been doing OK, especially during this pandemic.

Feel free to show care for this neighbor by bringing a gift, such as a bag of coffee or brownies, or even hand sanitizer or wipes.

And if your neighbors would like masks, we have reserved a large portion of our beautiful handmade Masks for All Masks, to be given to our neighbors, especially those who need them most.

Here is an example of what you can say:


I’m ______. I live right there at _______.

I know that we have not had many opportunities to talk but I just wanted to introduce myself and my family, especially during this crazy time of pandemic … we felt like we really wanted to just get to know you our neighborhood better!

[Introduce family]

We also wanted to bring a small gift … [coffee, dessert, sanitizer].

I’m also a member of a church called West Houston Chinese Church near City Center and we have made these really beautiful masks [show them one example] and if you are interested, we can bring more of these over to you, please just let me know how many of these you need.

Lastly, I know that it has been a crazy time during COVID … how are you guys doing?

Even though this is our last project of this summer, we hope that this is just a beginning of a long-term goal of getting to know our neighbors, and becoming a continual witness for Christ in our neighborhoods.

If you need masks, or if you want to share what God has been doing, as always, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you … and may God continue to work through you in making you a blessing to neighbors and our city!


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